Checkmate Flashcards: Damiano's Mate

Jul 18, 2011, 7:37 AM |

Damiano's Mate was first discussed in a book by Damiano in 1512!  With us approaching its 500th birthday it's likely that you have either been a victim to it or even used it yourself without even knowing it!  The pattern uses either a pawn or bishop on the g6 square giving coverage to both h7 and f7 so the King can't flee while the Queen delivers Mate:















A creative example of this mate pattern is found in Jeremy Silman's book "The complete book of chess strategy":







Note that either a pawn or a Bishop can occupy g6 and aide the Queen's efforts:






Quite often in games I have experienced the trading of pawns in front of the King leaving only one defensive pawn for Black on g7.  When this occurs look for opportunity to place your remaining Kingside pawn on g6 or your light squared Bishop on g6 creating a back rank pattern against the enemy King and then manuever your Queen to the h file for mate. 

Obviously this mate pattern is not an option against a Fianchetto type position as Black has moved his g7 pawn to g6.  In these situations you will need to look through the Checkmate Flashcards for another option!