Checkmate Flashcards: Mate Without Queen

Jul 12, 2011, 1:50 PM |

So many players focus on the Queen.  Why not, she is the strongest attacker!  However, do you know how to Checkmate without her?  Here are some simple mating patterns that everyone should be familiar with:


(disclaimer: ignore the "white to move" comment in the diagram, it should say Game Over! ... or at least Black to move but he can't cause he's mated)

First, the traditional edge of board mates:



























For more "edge of board" mate patterns refer to my first blog of Checkmate Flashcards.











Rook with Minor Piece help:













































































Two minor piece checkmate:






















































Minor piece, King, and pawn mate:








































Smothered Mate:




















While I am certain there are MANY more simple mating patterns we need to be aware of, these are in my blog so I can review them from time to time.  The next blog of Checkmate Patterns will be of actual game play patterns with official names like "Boden's Mate" or "Anastasia's Mate" etc.  Hope these help you too.