Checkmate Flashcards: Morphy's Mate & Morphy's Concealed Mate

Jul 22, 2011, 10:17 AM |

We have finally reached Morphy's Mate in our Checkmate Flashcards series that catalogs all the famous Checkmate Patterns.  Paul Morphy is a favorite among many Chess players and his Mate is beautiful.  Of course I like it because it does not use the Queen to deliver mate, allowing her to be sacrificed to create the position necessary for Morphy's Mate.

This Rook and Bishop Mate looks like this:














Knowing this simple mate pattern allows us to see it easily from a game position:





Morhpy's Concealed Mate:

Very similar to Morphy's Mate White must beware of a key defensive pawn:


Players who enjoy Morphy's Mate will need to know Pillsbury's Mate as well!  It is a variation of Morphy's Mate only Checkmate is delivered by the Rook instead of the Bishop.  Read the Checkmate Flashcards: Pillbury's Mate in my blog to learn how that one plays out in a game.  Knowing the subtle differences between the two will help you use them correctly!