Checkmate Flashcards: Pillsbury's Mate (a variation of Morphy's Mate)

Jul 22, 2011, 10:30 AM |

If you use Morphy's Mate, you'll need to know its variation Pillsbury's Mate!  The differences are subtle but you need to know them for proper calculation in a game.  While Morphy's Mate uses a Bishop to deliver mate with Rook support, Pillsbury's Mate uses a Rook to deliver mate with Bishop support.  Subtle, but move order matters!

To review Morphy's Mate and Morphy's Concealed Mate please read my blog Checkmate Flashcards: Morphy's Mate & Morphy's Concealed Mate.

Here is the basic set up of Pillsbury's Mate:














Here is an example of using a clearance sacrifice to deliver Pillsbury's Mate.  If you have read the previous blog regarding Morphy's Concealed Mate then you already know "why and how" the defensive f6 pawn can thwart our plans.  Pillsbury's Mate works around this pawn problem:




Study the subtle differences between Morphy's Mate, Morphy's Concealed Mate, and Pillsbury's Mate so you'll know which one to use in your game!