Checkmate Flashcards: Queen Mates

Jul 11, 2011, 8:02 AM |

We all know that the Queen is mighty; However we may not be fully aware of just how mighty!  Here are several Queen Mates showing how little aide the Queen needs to cause checkmate.  Sometimes she doesn't even need to be protected by a friendly piece, she can actually get aide from the opponents pieces blocking the Kings escape route!






































































































I hope you found at least one of these to be helpful and curious.  The two concepts that helped me the most I gave names to help me remember:  The Queen's Arrow and Crossing the T (an old pirate ship attack term).  When the Queen is adjacent to the King on a Diagonal the squares she attacks looks like an arrow being drawn with her at the tip.  When the Queen is adjacent to the King on a Rank or File straight on the squares she attacks look like a capital T.  If you ever see the enemy King situated amongst his own pieces where his pieces fill the squares he would need to use to escape the Arrow or the T then its time to attack with your Queen:









Finally:  Watch out for Stalemate!  Even the mighty Queen is not invulnerable to a Stalemate!