Fixes Bug!

Jun 1, 2011, 11:05 AM |

I am very pleased with


I recently joined my first tournament. The themed blackmar diemer gambit. It has been great fun so far, however I encountered a bug on the android phone app. While on the analysis board it submitted my analysis move! Oh no! After reporting it they contacted me the next day. I described what happened in detail. They were able to recreate the bug problem and then let me know they would fix it right away. Sure enough, the next day there was an update available on my phone for the app.


While I am very pleased with's tech department it is still unfortunate that I lost that game as a result of the app bug. It made a game losing move that I had no intention of submitting. My opponent refused a gentleman's draw. The game was not restarted or replayed. No big deal. If I was playing for a prize, a trophy, money, real USCF or FIDE points then I would be upset that I lost to a computer bug. However on principle I hope that future victims of verified tech issues will be given a chance to replay, or atleast have that move be a "take back" move.

Fortunately this loss shouldn't cause me any issues. In this first round of the tournament I scored 8 points out of 10. 8 wins, 1 loss, 1 bug. :-) Looking at how the others are fairing it would appear that i will still win the round regardless.

I encourage anyone who has any tech issues with and it's app's to contact tech support. They are very helpful!