"Best Win" feature needs to be fixed.

Dec 20, 2011, 6:38 AM |

I enjoy the many features chess.com has provided on our profile pages.  One of my favorites is the "Best Win".  I enjoy reviewing the best win game my friends have had and want to share with others mine.  Call it pride or bragging or just excitement.  However there is a small glitch that needs to be remedied:  Time Out wins.

I am currently about to win a game that was well played against an opponent who is 200+ points higher than me and I am very proud of how I won the game.  In fact it was the Queen sac I learned to look for from the daily puzzles on chess.com  This will in fact be my best win...but...

In a previous tournament I was matched against a very high rated opponent who made two moves 1. e4  c6  2. d4  d5  Caro Kann opening....and then...decided not to play and let it time out.  Sadly I received the "win" and it is now my "best win". 

Really?  My Best Win?  He is so high rated I may never have a real Best Win against a higher rated opponent to remove this.  Ugh.

Is there a way for Chess.com to allow us to choose our Best Win?  OR is there a way in the algorithm to require a minimum number of moves to occur for a time out win to qualify as a best win? Obviously you can't just remove time out wins from the option bc if you play 60 moves and then they forfeit by time out you lose sharing what could have been a great game too.

I know this feature is probably the least of their concerns but in my experience it's the little details that make the larger whole a great success.  Small details like this are what make Chess.com so great.  I've been using Fritz, playchess.com, and chessbase products for years; but it's these social network qualities that make chess.com more fun and enjoyable.