Resigning is for Losers!

Jun 9, 2011, 7:07 AM |

Recently there was a lot of complaining in the comment section of a tournament I am playing in.  Apparently there are many players who after finding themselves in a lost position will torture their opponent by letting the clock run down instead of resigning.  While poor sportsmanship is an issue, I encourage players not to accuse all opponents who refuse to resign as evil.  I often refuse to resign and play the entire game.  I have included below my comment post regarding this matter as I believe it provides some wisdom in not resigning:


While there are some players out there that lack sportsmanship, don't lump all players who play till the last move as rude. 

1.  How is a player supposed to practice endgames if they always resign at the first sign of trouble? 

2.  What about this famoust Quote: "The winner of chess is the player who makes the second to last mistake."  I always play knowing that my opponent is not a master either.  If I can make a blunder, so can they... even in a won position!  Master's have been quoted as saying "the hardest position to win is a won game!"  I always encourage my friends to play till checkmate.  Give your opponent the opportunity to be human and blunder their won position away. 

3.  Practice your endgame's by always fighting for the draw.  a 1/2 point is better than a 0. 

4.  Also keep in mind that believe it or not there are plenty of players who just don't have the experience or knowledge to recognize they have lost.  You may see the forced mate in 7 but they don't.

5.  Just because I see that my opponent has a forced mate in 7 doesn't mean that they see it.  Make them prove it!

All that being said, poor sportsmanship exists and it is difficult to exterminate.  In over the board games it is much easier to address as there is an arbiter and it is more obvious that it is occuring.  With online chess how are we supposed to prove that they were malicious?  Unfortunately as long as they are playing by the "rules" there is nothing we can do but conduct ourselves in the manner of gentlemen.

Good Luck, and remember... if you play me I will fight you for the draw!  If I can blunder, so can you ... and I will give you the opportunity to make such a mistake.  Also if I see that you have a forced mate in 7, I never assume that you see it, I make you prove it!  You better be ready to earn that point!