Round 1: 6 1/2 Months.

Nov 16, 2011, 9:07 AM |

I joined my first tournament on May 1, 2011.  It was a themed tournament where all players had to play the Blackmar Diemer Gambit.  I was surprised to win my group in round 1.  My games were completed during May.  I was very excited to have the opportunity to move on to round 2.  Then waiting occurred.  Many players took full advantage of their vacation time.  It is now November 16.  Round 2 has begun!  While I am very excited to be playing in round 2, I am also in shock that it took 6 1/2 months for players to complete round 1.  That means that at least one game lasted this long.  At 3 days per move per player, it could take 6 days just for move 1 to be completed by both sides.  I guess I should have done the math...if both sides took the full 3 days to make a single move, in 6 1/2 months the game would only complete its 33rd move. 

I never would have guessed it could take over 6 months to complete round 1.  Personally I make an effort to check my games once a day like my email, making a move every day.  With that in mind if each player did this an average 40 move game would take 80 days to complete!

If each player however made a move every 12 hours (likely if opponents are on opposite sides of earth, each sleeping while the other is awake) then a 40 move game would take 40 days.

I guess this last option is what I had hoped for from the players.  Certainly in that scenario I never expected it to last more than 60 days.  Sadly it lasted 200 days.

Well, it may have taken a while but good luck to those in round 2.  I hope I win.