15-minute game in which I get crushed in the sicilian najdorf


  So, next game, this time I get crushed by a higher-rated player.  It was the sicilian najdorf, lines I don't know very well.  (the only lines I know well are the h5 lines in the english attack).  I played Na5, which I think is a good move, however I can't be sure.  I was hoping she'd play Qc7 so I could sac on b5, and that's exactly what she did.  However my sac did not work, because in the end of the entire variation, she pinned my bishop to my queen thus winning a piece.  I didn't see that final pin move in my calculation.  Next time I'll be more careful when saccing on b5.  

  I played on a few moves just in case but she crushed me efficiently.