2 exchanges and a piece

Oct 1, 2012, 4:20 PM |

  Hi everyone!  I played a tournament last weekend in my home state of Nebraska.  It was a team tournament.  Overall the result for me was pretty poor - I had 2 losses during the event and will probably lose my expert rating status. 

       On the other hand, I played a nice sacrificial game in the last round which I am pretty proud of.  I haven't analyzed it with an engine yet to see how sound my Nxa2 was, however.  

  In this game , I did the classical exchange sacrifice on c3, then I sacrificed a second exchange on g5.  The first exchange weakened his pawn structure, the second exchange gave me a center pawn and got my knight into the game with devestating effect on c3.  

   The Nxa2 sac further trapped his king, and finally I sacrificed a pawn to open up a diagonal for my bishop to attack the said king.  My opponent defended well with Rd2, which forced me to bring my knight up to c5 to hopefully 'finish' the attack.  Actually, I was worried during the game that I wouldn't be able to continue the attack and would instead just have a ton of pawns for 2 exchanges.  

  Here is the game: