Changing my lesson rate from $15 to $10

Mar 19, 2008, 10:17 PM |

  I am changing my lesson rate from $15 an hour to $10 an hour.  I used to get alot of people asking me about lessons, when I posted my rate as being $15 an hour, the interest seemed to die down. 

   Well now you can have a dedicated coach who cares about your progress for the cheap rate of $10 an hour.  I guess this is getting my 'foot in the door' where I build a portfolio of students who get their ratings increased (with my help, of course, no coach can claim that he was responsible for their students getting better, he can only offer help and ultimately it's up to the person themselves).

  Also, when I play a few more tournaments and hopefully get up to the expert (2000) rating range, then I can also draw more students as I will be more respectable in the rating department.   

  I feel a little guilty posting this as I know I will show up as a "top blogger" for a short while, so I feel like I could be taking advantage of that status, nevertheless, I didn't ask to be a 'top blogger' - so I will continue making blog posts regardless of how much good chess content is in them =)

  p.s. : I Plan to become more involved with in the near future as well