Chess match: game 1

Oct 22, 2008, 9:38 PM |

I played the first game of a 4-game over the board uscf rated chess match. 

My opponent is rated about 2020 and I am rated 1920 (although with my first game win I will be around 1940 or so).

The opening was uncommon I believe and may have been some kind of Taimanov.  I have been experimenting with this opening in blitz games.  I often make a point of playing completely unknown or very little known openings to immediately get my opponents out of 'book' so we can begin playing the game on my terms. 

You can see this game flaunts many principles, for instance I was saddled with a backwards pawn almost the entire game.  If you're basing your evaluation of the game on such simple rules you might think I was losing but imo I was pressing for a serious advantage.

Here is the game: