First place again!

Sep 27, 2008, 7:15 PM |

I have extended my win streak to 12 wins in a row in over the board, uscf chess in local tournaments.  No draws, no losses. =)  I won my last 3 tournaments.  I also defended my title of 'Omaha City Champion'

I will post the games soon.  They were hard fought games, except the last game which was surprisingly easy (see how easy it is to beat someone that doesn't know how to play against the grand prix attack?)

In my third game, I was ABSOLUTELY DEAD LOST. 

I was pinned, a vicious, mindnumbing deadly pin that you JUST CANT GET OUT OF. 

Don't ask me HOW I did it.  Again, I was DEAD LOST.

I also had about 30 seconds on the clock to his 10 minutes.  I got down to 5 seconds.  It was absolutely crazy blitz finish and then he hung his queen. 

Moral of that story is: No matter how bad your position is, if there's a chance in hell you can get out of it, keep playing.  If I had for one second thought 'oh crap, I'm dead lost, there's no way I can save this' I would have made a mental mistake, especially in such severe time pressure. 

Games tomorrow.


Oh yeah, I am currently 1891 and after this tournament I should be around 1920 USCF.  Getting closer to expert rating!