I just beat a GRANDMASTER!

  Finally!  I just beat a grandmaster, by position as well as time.  It was a 5 minute game.  Of course , c5 and Qxc5 was a mistake (allowing me to fork his queen and king), however, he was already about 10 seconds down with 30 seconds left to go.  I think he may have lost even without the blunder.  

  For your viewing pleasure, my first ever REAL gm win! (I beat eugeno torre once on time while just about being mated).  

  Note:  I don't know who this GM is.  He's from the netherlands, but his name is not public on ICC.  However to get a GM title on icc you must be verified as a titled player.  



  • 2 years ago


    At the time I thought I won this game.  Now I realize I may have lost.

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