Live annotated games attempt #2

Dec 6, 2011, 10:46 PM |

  I just bought Fritz 13.  2 reasons:  One, it has automatic analysis of games you played (which is similar to chess assistant's feature, but chess assistant is always crashing on me because of bugs). 

  Two, there's some new "let's check" feature which sounds cool.  Basically you go to any position imaginable that someone has imagined before and you instantly get a bunch of variations and engine analysis on that position.  You also get noted as being the 'discoverer' of certain positions by doing that first.  

   The let's check feature sounds pretty cool and should help in my opening preparation, but the automatic analysis of games I play is the real reason why I just purchased fritz 13.  

  It comes with a year of playchess too, but I wish it worked with honestly.  I'd much rather have a high rating/presence as imo is the future of chess, not playchess. :)

  so - as soon as the program updates and downloads and stuff - I will play some games and see what tactics I missed.  This might take around 10-30 minutes to get the first game up.