My first GM scalp!

Feb 23, 2008, 1:30 AM |

Today is a great day for me, for I have finally beat a GM in an even game.  

It was a 5 0 (5 minute game with 0 second increment) game.   I was rated about 2000 at the time in the 5-minute ICC pool (5-minute pool is VERY hard to get

rating in, even the best gm's can only be around 2600).  He was rated 2300.   

To top it off, the GM I beat is one I know of, Eugene Torre, who you may 

know from the Bobby Fischer radio interviews (he arranged to get bobby on the 


True, it was a win on time, but you can see I hung in there and was playing

faster than him so I ended up with a win.  Next time I'll post when I beat a gm

in the position! ^_^

  And for your enjoyment, here is the game.  At the end of the game i had 10 seconds remaining.  You can see I was very lucky to not get mated!  A very

close game.