My new years chess resolution


  When I first signed on to I was excited and started many games. 

 My interest died down and I lost alot of games on time losing around 200 points because of this.  

    I was spending less time per move than I would in a 1 hour per side USCF rated game.  This is really bad considering that in you get 3 DAYS per move, in a 1 hour uscf rated game you only get a couple minutes per move if you manage your time correctly. 

    SO, my resolution is to play only 1 game on at a time, preferably against a high-rated player.  I will take the game more seriously and not make impulse moves.  Ideally I will spend at least 1 hour per move, which should lead to a much higher quality level of play, though still not the same level as people who take correspondence chess seriously.