Speed chess analysis session

Dec 6, 2011, 3:27 AM |

  I am going to try something new.  A while back, I bought a copy of chess assistant 9.  It's a neat piece of software, which, when it doesn't crash - has some interesting features.  

The feature I am going to use today is the live commentary feature.  Basically you can connect to a chess server and have your engine running in the background analyzing the game as you play.  When the game is over (and only when the game is over) you can click a button and get the engine's analysis of your play.  

  I think this feature is an amazing idea.  Instant feedback on your games!  


  A long time ago I wrote a blog post in which I was going to go through all my blitz games (thousands)  and classify which tactics I missed by motif.  Well, that was such a huge undertaking that I never got off the launch pad.  Instead, I'm going to try it one live game at a time.  

  Stay tuned to THIS blog post as I am going to update it with the games, pictures, and engine commentary right after I play them!  So in another 10-15 minutes the first game should be posted, and more after that!  

  Which tactical motif will I miss the most?  Your guess is as good as mine!  =)


Update: Game#1

Ok, so game #1 was a najdorf sicilian, I was black.  I don't know the theory very well anymore (I didn't have it very well memorized years ago, and forgot quite a lot).  In any case, I hopped my knight into a fairly advanced square on the queenside and it opened lines.  The game went fairly well for me.  

I expect the engine to find lots of improvements for both sides, as there were tactical opportunities.  (I am focusing on blunders and tactics, not general engine recommendations).  

Unfortunately, I messed up the 'analzye while playing' deal and just had to do a normal analysis after the game.  Next game I'll get it right and get the analysis done faster. 

Here's the game:

Well, that was kind of dissapointing.  The analsyis only gave one single ? mark on my rook trade near the end.  Hopefully my next game and the live commentary will work better.