Indiana Chess

May 30, 2008, 12:52 AM |
After coming from Illinois and meeting numerous GMs, I am surprised to find how little Chess activity(or so it appears) is taking place in Indiana.
I started a Chess Club at the college I'm attending, and, like a cliche, I have no members.  Everyone I've played so far has been roughly around a 550-900 rating level, but none of them have joined the Club, nor show any interest in doing so.  the only player out here who is a challenge lives about 40 minutes away and is now a doctor.  The only Chess I now play is against the PC and on
I miss playing the members of my team back in Illinois, getting destroyed by the GMs I played, gearing up for a tournament.  I miss the comradery of playing on a High School team, going to Nationals with the town team, playing in the Illinois Open.
I miss Chess in Illinois.