Cleveland Open August 15-17, 2014

Aug 18, 2014, 11:38 AM |

I played in the U-1500 section. The time controls were 40/110 SD/30 d10. I got to play each game at that time control because I had elected to play in the 3-day schedule.

Day 1: Friday, August 15

Day 2: Saturday, August 16

After my game was over, I had a little over half an hour to analyse before I played in the Blitz event, which was 4 Double-rounds at a time control of G/5 d0. I went 3/8 and obtained my first Provisional Blitz Rating of 1537P18. I went 1/2 against a 1365 (I will use regular ratings), 0/2 against a 2010, 1/2 against a 1798, and 1/2 against a 1027. I won $18. Overall, not too bad, as it was just Blitz and I was blowing off steam from that previous game.
Day 3: Sunday, August 17
Round 5's game was horrible and I will not be posting it here. I played White against Senthil Sowrirajan (1499) and lost in 21 moves. Horrible.
I will be earning my fourth 4th Category Norm from this event.
My rating goes from 1571/25 --->>>> 1538