Bxh7+!! and Bxh2+!!

Jul 12, 2015, 9:01 AM |

A while back I posted about a bishop sac on h7 that won the game. Well today, in two straight games against two seperate opponents, I did a similar tactic both of which won easily. 

First off, I would like to show you the four signs to recognise when this tactic is possible:

The first sign is that you opponent is castled kingside.

The second sign is that your bishop is on the b2-h7 diagonal for white or the b2-h2 diagonal for black

The third sign is that your knight is attacking the g5 square for white or the g4 square for black (a knight that is devoloped normally can go g1-f3 {the normal place that the knight is developed}-g5)

***The g4/5 square must be undefended by your opponent***

The fourth and final sign is that your queen can move to h5 for white or h4 for black. (If your knight from sign three is in the way it is ok as you will soon see. 

Here is the skeleton of the position:








As you can see, all of the signs are here:

The king is castled, the bishop is on d3, the knight is on f3 and the queen is on d1. 

Now for the mating sequence which you will see in the game I posted a while ago:

Though 11...Qxg5 was possible, 12.Bxg5 is winning.
now for the puzzles:
Hope you enjoyed and good luck with your new tactic!
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