Beastie Blog #3: A Time To Shine

Beastie Blog #3: A Time To Shine

Mar 2, 2018, 6:33 AM |

Well guys,

My term for school has finished with all of my classes finishing on time. Woot! I now have 3 months off of school so that my observation and demonstration teaching will line up more to the school year rather than having the summer in the middle of a semester.  In the meantime, I am gonna be working hard to improve the stream.  I am working on a new layout in order to optimize computer performance, as my computer isn't great and is 5-6 years old, allowing me to stream with less stress on the computer.  I am hoping to have the new layout ready by the end of the weekend.


My goals for the break: 

1. Reach 1600 and consistently be 1600 blitz on

2. Make twitch affiliate 

3. Go through and analyze or read games from various books, gm games, own games, and viewer games as requested (minimum 1 game per day)


I haven't streamed much this week due to finishing up the school semester, but I am streaming tonight at 8 pm EST for a longer than normal stream. Tonight will be playing in a tournament and commentating between rounds then some viewer challenges.  Come by and hang out. You may even see a blunder or two. shock.png You can find my channel at



We shall achieve these goals. I have #NoWorries about this. Tonight's tournament will also give me a better idea of things that I will need to focus on during this time.  


Thanks for your support,