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Beastie Blog: The Life of a Chess Streamer

Beastie Blog: The Life of a Chess Streamer

Feb 9, 2018, 10:43 AM 3

Hello all,

ZugzwangBeast here.  Just wanted to say hello and let you know a little more about myself.  I am currently a stay at home father of an awesome 2 year old (almost 3) that is going to school to become a middle school math teacher.  I love chess and have since I started playing it back in 1999.  I've taken a 10 year detour on my road to become a chess master and have recently decided to attain this goal again.  Over my detour, I've missed playing serious chess regularly.  I've played in maybe 2 tournaments each year, usually small tournaments due to funds at the time.  I am trying to get into streaming again (tried about 5 years ago but had to stop due to moving to a location without adequate internet to do so (Satellite internet....ewwww)).  I guess the net is the net, but when it stops working because it's a cloudy day it's not gonna work for streaming.  Anyways, I started streaming back at the beginning of January and have found that I really enjoy it.  I'm loving talking chess to the viewers (and sometimes myself lol).  It's fun seeing what I can still remember and what I need to work on.


Between my daughter's needs, my school needs, and helping with my father-in-law I don't have much time to study chess.  I've mainly been using the chess.com tools like tactics trainer and lessons almost daily to try to improve and de-rust.  This seems to have helped a bunch and I'm gonna keep doing it.  I want to show that even a 31 year old father without much time can become a master using the chess.com tools.  I will be trying to post a blog at least once a week showing my difficulties and strengths with becoming a master and improving overall.


Thanks for your time,



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