chess tips

Feb 8, 2010, 9:49 AM |

blog blog blog, i don't have much to say so i don't blog much. but i have been playing a lot of games here at and thought i would post some tips i have picked up for you (and for me to remember) 

1. gambits. Don't just play them willy nilly. Know what you are doing and what your opponent is doing. A opening is only as good as well as you know it. 

2. I like to trade... up until a point. make sure you have enough troupes to take down the king. (ie. passed pawns, rooks, queen.) otherwise when you are up on pieces. trade trade trade. 

3. a good defenses is also a good offense. lately a lot of my opponents have been coming at me with strong offenses. i usually just keep defending defending until it is my turn to turn and attack. I defend in such a way to keep my pieces open for attack too. 

4. playing tournaments with different openings is a bad way to get a high ratting, but a good way to learn new openings. Each time i play in a theme tournament i usually lose. But i take that opening to the next tournament and i try it out. 

5. I still haven't found a good opening in black. =(


thats all i got.