Oct 30, 2008, 5:28 PM |

So, im new to

i play chess with my friends but can never get the number of people i want to play. i found chess on facebook and really started playing on a daily bases. Now, im here and feel like a babe in toy land.

To improve myself i model what i do after bobby fisher. I don't memorize openings While i do study them, i instead look for patterns, general principles, what squares are worthing fighting for and why.

for instance, i really like to move the rook's pawn up one, pretty early in the game.

or the usual control the middle 4 squares.

[edit: i noticed today that due to a copy paste error, this is not a full blog so allow me to finish]

Question: is there any thing else i should be looking to do with an opening?

is this a good strategy?

any thoughts.