time outs

Nov 23, 2008, 11:04 AM |

So joined chess.com. (hurray) i got a year membership. It was a birthday present to myself.

Any way im all bumed out about time outs as of late. First off, i have only lost one game ever due to time outs and it was on a weekend trip. (should have used vacation time).

My opinates on the other hand don't seem to mind letting the clock drop, but then again i don't claim the win, so i don't teach them any lessons. I mean if they wanted the game to be over just resign.

last night i joined a tournament for moves to be made once a day, I commited myself to making at least a move aday for that tournament. and i have a road trip coming up, but because of lab tops wi-fi and public libarys i bet i still make all my moves (road trips are much better when your not in a hurray so next time you drive, relax, and enjoy the drive!)

and if any one reads this im sorry. I just blog because i can, by no means do i think i have any thing interesting to say. but if you want to read it your more than welcome! :^)