Analyses of my games

May 27, 2013, 1:25 AM |

"Master in chess" is my dream. How to do it? This question bothers me. I am not able to find proper solution.

As a kid i used to play ' good ' chess. I dint know much about theory in chess, be it opening, middlegame, or endgame. I used to play with a good player who used to be my neighbour, and i used to have few wins against him, most others i used to loose.

After entering professional course, i didnt play chess for 14 years. Now the interest and passion in the game has reappeared, and know i want to master the game. Since nearly 2 years i have beenplaying chess again, but above question i m not been able to answer.

Lots of books on chess have added the confusion. today i went through article by Danheisman and have decided to make a changes in my study plan.

I will stick to few basic books recomended by him. During that time, i will be playing fewer number of chess games, 3 per week, preferably gainst stronger opponent. Analyse myself those games, irrespective of the results. Solve puzzles daily 10-20.

Begin with, i will be posting the analyses of my todays game.