Exchanging : My notes

Jul 19, 2013, 11:25 AM |

Every player, when faced with a question of 'whether to exchange material or not to exchange ?', will be in a dilemma.

No general rules are there to say when to go for and when not to go for exchange. 

However, if a player is going to gain the initiative, he should go ahead with the exchange. If not then not to exchange.

The question of exchanging begins right from the opening, continues in middle and endgame.


In the above position, both white and black are not going to gain anything by exchange, hence they should concentrate on developing their pieces, rather than exchanging.





Nimzowitsch on exchanging :

A master will occupy key squares, and the exchange which he wants will fall into his lap like a ripe apple. Whereas a beginner has a different approach to exchange : he pursues the piece which is tempting him with offers of exchange and gets turned down.

Why exchange ? 

With exchanging we aim for:

  1. occupying key file/controlling key squares
  2. to destroy defender
  3. to gain time ( Purdy in search of chess perfection ), i.e to gain tempo
  • to avoid : being forced to retreat
  • to avoid being forced to make a tempo wasting defensive move
How do exchanges take place ?

  • when ahead in material, simplify the position by exchanging pieces. It is used as a weapon to force the opponent out of strong position