my 22nd Quick Knockouts (1601-1800)

Oct 10, 2013, 11:31 AM |

Not so good tournament by me. Had many mistakes. Overlooked key moves.


22nd Quick Knockouts (1601-1800)

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My Group:

Group #9123456ScoreTie Break
1.  Evgeniytkachyk (1796) X  0  _  _  1  1 7 18
2.  aadchesskid (1748)  0 X  0  0  1  1 6 15
3.  samvel150 (1648)  0  1 X  0  1  1 4 14
4.  Emewilly (1710)  0  0  _ X  0  1 4 10
5.  chili1980 (1676)  0  0  _  _ X  _ 2 4
6.  PiotrD11 (1618)  0  0  _  0  0 X 0 0

Game 1: . My first win, CaroKan advancs variation. My opponent gives me open h file for my rook, and a blunder by him results in mate on h2 by 15th move.


game against same opponent. Center counter game, opponents greed for my b2 pawn results in me attacking his c7 pawn with the threat of capturing his a8 rook. Black defends it properly. on move 14, he should have exchanged light square bishops, he decides against it. Looses his light square bishop which weakens his control over light squares. He has a cramped space, and gets into multiple pins so as to prevent loosing major materials. but in the end he is forced to depart with his queen, and he resigns.

Game 3: A win. the exchange of rooks turns the game in my favour, and i win because of strong pawns on g and h files.

GAme 4: Another win. A game of errors. I win because the reply to my error was a gross blunder by my opponent.

GAme 5: I didnt see the threat mounting on my casteled king, and was mainly concentrating attacking his casteled king. His attack was stronger, and i resign in a very poor position. Yet to analyse the game.

Game 6 :   Move 13, i should have taken my opponents queen. I fail to do it, and i loose heavy material, and the game.

Game 7: wrong move at 33rd move cost me the winning game.

Game 8: good spotsmanship by my opponent. Even in a loosing game, he played till his king was mated. Played the game at usual speed, didnt make me wait. I liked my opponent. He tops the group, and deseves it.

Game 9:  The game was a drawish, but i wanted more than a draw. In the process, i loose a pawn. but still the game could have been drawn ( i think so), but made bad moves and lost the game.

Game 10 : A win, because after my blunder on move 47, i worsen my winning position, and give drawing chance to my opponent. My opponent fails to see the drawing chance, and looses after i queen my pawn. Lucky I was to win.