my games with my friend

Sep 18, 2013, 8:55 AM |

here is the game against my friend,where I loose because of my overenthusiasm to push my passed pawn. after loosing this game, my loosing streak against him starts, and i loose 10 games!!.

Here is a game, where again I blundered, and realising myself loosing my rook for his knight, i resigned.

In the 3rd loss against him, the key moment was move 21. click here for the game.

A wrong move order selection as a continuation to a brilliant move ( by me) lead to loss. Click here for the game.

blunder which I cannot explain. Click here to see blunder.

Failure to see the sacrifice to win, and a bad continuation resulted in loss. Click here 

See this game to see where i went wrong.

Anoter loss. But why? click here to know.

Strong Queen side pawns with the knight support out smart my rook. Click here to see this game

From winning to drawing position. Click here.

GOOD TO WIN Cool. after so many looses. Click here


A strong pawn on a file, wins for me. CLICK HERE for the game

Against BigSwa. See here

Weird Caro cann advance variation: reult is opposite coloured bishop endgame, and a draw.

OCT 10 2013,  Sicilian Unusal opening, opponent gives up two pawn for me, and later resigns.