my memorable game

Jul 11, 2013, 8:28 AM |
This game illustrates the ideas or planning one should have in games where there is opposite side castling. I being white casteled king side and my opponent on queen side. In such positions, the basic idea is to advance your pawns towards opponents casteled position, open files against the opponents casteled king, and get your pieces to attack the opponents king. Whoever is first to achieve above things wins the race.

I suceeded in getting open c-file against black's casteled king, also got my pieces lined up against the black king. But to finish the game, i needed some piece sacrifices to expose blacks king further. I could go ahead with the sacrifices because : 1- blacks king was exposed and had few pieces near him to defend him. 2- his king side wasnt developed much.

I will be posting here the game and the ideas of my play. Will be posting few puzzles from the game, so that you can guess the next move i had made in the game.

Please click on the move button to know the full moves and my thoughts.

Guess the move after 17.... fxg2. My rook is attacked. What should I play? What did I play?
What should i play after 20.... Qxd8?
How to think?
HINT :Blacks king is exposed.  c and d files are open for my rooks. Get another rook into the game. :) 
1: Develop your pieces before you begin your attack against opponents king, because
2: Lone piece cannot checkmate. You need minimum of two pieces to successfully mate opponents king.
3: Far advanced pawn, with no support from other members is harmless. It may infact be helpful to opponent.
4: Piece sacrifice needed to expose poorly defended king, and later to mate him.