My first Blog

My first Blog

Jan 23, 2016, 5:38 AM |

Hey this is Aakash mistri....I am going to list some important topics that i have listed which should helpful for improving middle games.


Types of pawn structures :-

  1. blockading a passed pawn
  2. hanging pawns
  3. isolated pawns
  4. pawn chains (mainly e5 and d5 pawn chains)
  5. Passed pawns
  6. backward pawn
  7. Pawn islands
  8. Pawn majority at queenside
  9. Pawn majority in center
  10. Pawn majority at Kingside.
  11. Carlsbad pawns structure
  12. Scheveningen pawns structure
  13. Stonewall pawns structure
  14. panov-Botvinik pawns structure
  15. yugoslav and english attack formation.


B>Various Sacrifices :-

  1.  Sacrifice on f7
  2. Sacrifice on g7
  3. Sacrifice on h7
  4. Sacrifice on h6
  5. Sacrifice on d5
  6. Sacrifice on f5
  7. Sacrifice on b5
  8. Sacrifice on e6


C> Attacking various types of King positions :-

  1. Attacking fianchetto castled positions
  2. oppsite side castle Positions
  3. King in the center Positions
  4. Same side Castle Positions


D> various types of Positions :-

  1. Open Positions
  2. Closed Positions
  3. Semi open Positions


E> how to spot and take advantage of color weakness in a position


F> Miscellaneous 

  1. Opening line Sacrifices
  2. How to play with space advantage
  3. Minority attack
  4. Opening line Sacrifices


I hope that if you cover all above topics thoroughly your game should improve 

                                                           Thank You.