Kings gambit accepted bishops gambit variation

Aug 15, 2013, 9:11 AM |

Recently, I have been playing the king's gambit exclusively as white. The gambit starts out with e4 e5 f4. Normally Black accepts the gambit and plays exf4. I play a very aggresive move Bc4! This is called the bishops gambit derived from the kings gambt. Since these sequence of moves have only been played 707 times according to the database on you can see the unpopularity towards the king's gambit accepted bishops variation. Unfortuantely, there are very little chess masters who explain all the information you want to recieve in any opening. For example, theory, common plans, and common things to look for. So basically the only way I know of to gain knowledge about this opening is to learn the variations. Fortunately, there are only 3 responses to 2 Bc4 that have been played over 50 times says's database. The 3 responses in order of most popular are Nf6,d5, and Qh4+. I have studied each variation give or take 8 moves. My friend knows openings like the back of his hand. He believes he knows a refutation on move 3. His "refutation" is e4 e5 f4 exf4 Bc4 Nc6.I can't really disagree with him because I have no way to prove him wrong. I would be delighted if a strong player can prove his refutation wrong. I would also be delighted if anyone could find me a website, video, or a knowledgable person to inform me. As always every comment is highly appreciate. Below is a correspondence game where I dominated using this gambit. Thanks for reading everyone!

P.S. If there is a refutation after 10 moves or so chances of a player my strength 1400-1600 knowing the refutaion I would say are 1 in 1000. On the other hand, If there Nc6 happens to be a legitimat refutation then I might think twice before choosing this gambit.