Converting Arena's automatic analysis log to a PGN file

May 1, 2015, 2:16 AM |

This program converts automatic analysis log from Arena to an annotated PGN game. It basically mimics the computer analysis feature which unfortunately is limited to only 1 game per week for the freemium members. The output makes it easy to spot mistakes and blunders (yeah, those are the only kind found in my games!).

Why this program? Why not just save the analyzed PGN file from Arena? - The problem is that today it puts the variation inside a comment block, and then you cannot actually try out the variation in Scid or other PGN viewer.

Here is an example of an analysis done by Stockfish-6.

This is a C++ code by the way, not sure how many chess players will follow, but I am sure there will be many!

[Compiling instructions on Linux/Unix]

$ g++ ArenaAutoAnalysisLogToPGN.cpp


$ ./a.out ArenaAutoAnalysis.log Output.pgn