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Importance of Chess in Daily Life

Importance of Chess in Daily Life

Jun 20, 2015, 8:54 PM 2

I started playing chess when I was unempployed.Now I am a software engieneer in IBM.Need I say more.

Chess playing helped me a lot.It taught me that the same logics can be applied in the real life also.

I used ro play it in the way while going for the interviews.It increased my concentration and thinking power.Life becomes smooth and I got a job too afterwards.I kept playing it and I raised my hand when asked if someone want to be the class representative during training classes.

Aditi told me You are intelligent.Ayushee: You deserve to be the CR.Other guys became jealous of me due to my intelligence.The only thing they were not and I was doing is one or two game of chess a day.

Now that I am not playing chess for past few days, My mind has become weak and it is directly affecting my life.Now I will daily play atleast one game and with the full concentration so that I will continue living a concentrated and more cherished life.

I request you all to start playing it and keep playing it till the time exists. :)

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