Robochess! A chess playing robot

Nov 28, 2009, 6:57 PM |

Robochess is the name of this chess playing robot. This robot was created by a 17 year old Iranian Student, Ebrahim Jahandar. The robot can play chess against human and unlike other robots this one has a bulletin Chess Game Computer. Other robots must be connected to a Desktop Computer but this robot has one AVR 8-Bit microcontroller for recognizing opponent's moves, playing its moves and controling the robotic feature of moving the pieces on the board.

This Robot only requires a power plug and nothing more. Just plug it in and play chess with him! Also, it can be connected to a battery which makes it portable!

The robot is very small, lite and it cost only $100!

This Robot Awarded 2nd in Young Kharazmi Festival, which is one of the most important innovation festivals in middleast!

For more information visit Robochess site