Apr 8, 2014, 7:29 PM |

Sadly, no full games of chess today. I'm playing my correspondence games very slowly, though that is not keeping me completely blunder free. In one of my games my opponent just had a nice series of queen moves that will win my bishop.

In tactics trainer today I was able to score 7/10 despite a rocky start (I missed the first 2!). My favorite tactic of the day was nice because it wasn't a queen sac and it went all the way through to checkmate. I've included it here in case you want to try it.

Also, as I reviewed one of the games that I posted yesterday with the help of a computer, I found a nice tactic that I missed. See if you can find the best move:
A couple days into my plan and I'm liking it so far. Like trying to improve in anything though, I realize that it will take some time to see progress.