5/3/2014: Two weird games

May 3, 2014, 9:05 PM |

Tonight I played two very bizarre games against the same person. In the first, an early blunder by my opponent leads to an easy game for me. In the second, I end up getting pushed around quite a bit until I blunder my queen away. In both of these games black wins.


On the tactics front today I didn't do so hot. I think I got 10/22 correct today. In other news, I made moves in all of my active games today (I have 34 games going on.... which is about 25 games too many for me). Most of them are in the early stages. The Chess.com Thematic Tournament started up recently and I'm playing the Dutch for the first time ever. A few tournaments also started round two, so that is why I have too many games going at once.