Plan for Improvement

Apr 6, 2014, 8:37 PM |

I've been working on improving my chess game for awhile, and I decided I want a record of that progress. I'm currently unrated USCF, but I have been playing on this site for about a year.

Here is my basic plan for improvement:

  1. 10+ tactics every day. I'm not too worried about getting the tactics within the "time limit." I'm more concerned with getting the correct answer and understanding why that sequence of moves is correct. I'll post my results here every day.
  2. Following Aww-Rats' suggestion, I am playing Correspondence games (daily chess or turn-based chess or whatever is calling it these days). I usually have 10-20 games going at once. With the exception of a few games I'm playing with friends or long-standing rivals, I will play these games slowly and methodically. I will carefully check my opening theory. Once out of book, I will consider candidate moves and spend several minutes on each position. After each game, I will annotate the results and post here.
  3. 2+ slow (30|30 or longer) games every week. At least one of these games will be played live every week. I'm going to try to follow Dan Heisman's advice to search for "Checks, Captures, and Threats" (PDF). As often as possible, I will discuss the game with my opponent. I will annotate the games and post them here. 

For my own records, my current ratings as of today:

USCF: unr, Tactics: 1404, Live Standard: 1365, Daily: 1670