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Types of chess games we don't know?

Mar 21, 2010, 5:42 AM 0

Now let's talk about games in chess we do not know.I am not talking about IM games or something.I am talking about diffent ways of  playing chess like swap chess where it is played by pairs on each side.The one I would want everyone to play is losing(suicide)chess and to play it is to kill all of you men as fast as you can.I would say that you sould find some more ways of playing chess ( If the chess staff is reading this can you guys have a place in the website to play the losing (suicide) chess?).Now on my last post I showed you a game I said "what mate is this called?".If you said stalemate you are right.well that is all for today.(Oh wait I wanted to know if there is a GM(Grandmaster)chess player in this website?

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