What a joke

Feb 17, 2015, 1:18 AM |

This article may portray me as a vindictive person. I take the risk consciously; because, it is a fact that sometimes we are really vindictive. Actually this website facilitates a special sort of socialization around the globe. I enjoy this opportunity a lot. So far I have come across pretty a good number of people through this site. It would not be justified to claim that all were impressive. Anyway, I think it’s enough as an introduction.

It was several months ago, and I was enjoying my holiday afternoon playing live on chess.com. By chance my opponent was wetherby . And again, by chance I won the game. My fellow opponent challenged me once again. I accepted the challenge and a second match started. Unfortunately my connection encountered a problem and the game was aborted.

I usually do not check my account regularly. After about one month I found a note on my account. Mr. wetherby wrote : “agrees to rematch then does't move twice. What a Paki tosser.” I was a bit shocked. On his account I wrote: “mr. wetherby , you wrote - agrees to rematch then does't move twice. What a Paki tosser.-  isn't it possible that your opponent wants to move, but a sudden connection problem does not allow the thing. chess is a game of gentleman. try to be gentle. and yes, you misunderstood about my home country. i am from bangladesh, not Pakistan”

And the final joke mocks today. I am, however, quite not sure whether the joke is on me or on my opponent. Once again the consequence involves ‘by chance’. Yes, by chance I got to see a game ( http://www.chess.com/livechess/game?id=1057506010 ) and wanted to comment on it. To my utmost wonder a red colored sentence dazzled my eyes – “You are blocked from posting on this game! ” WHY ? I could not understand at all. All on a sudden I found that it was Mr. wetherby who was playing white. Oh my god !!! To be honest, yes, I felt a bit angry. I wanted to communicate him. But my attempt to send him a message turned into an irony when a similar red colored sentence appeared before me.

Hah hah. The working-week is yet on the midway and what am I doing !!