A tribute to the amazing GM Yasser Seirawan

A tribute to the amazing GM Yasser Seirawan

Dec 24, 2014, 3:16 PM |

A while ago I started to look at chess videos from “Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis”.

At first I didn’t like the videos from Seirawan so much after I heard that he likes the Sicilian Pin variation and that he’s a pawn grabber.

Later on however … I was totally hooked ! :)

The anecdotes, the excellent interaction with the audience, the jokes, the friendliness, and the chess content of his videos thrilled me.

Especially the chess video from GM Seirawan about the queen sacrifice left me speechless.


This is a must see. Amazing stuff !

After watching that video, I went searching and found three chess games from Seirawan with stunning queen sacrifices.




And last but not least. Here’s a weblink to a video where Yasser Seirawan tells a funny and unbelievable anecdote about the chess legend David Bronstein playing the Sicilian Najdorf against Walther Browne.


David Bronstein vs Walter Shawn Browne
Reykjavik (Iceland) 1990 – 1-0