Pump up your rating - following 1

Pump up your rating - following 1

Apr 25, 2016, 10:25 AM |

I've been reading in "Pump up your rating" by IM Axel Smith, and even though some of it is hard to grasp for me right now, I do enjoy reading all of it.

In the chapter about "pawn levers" Axel Smith gives various examples how Axel and Nils Grandelius repeatedly lost against one of the best GMs in Sweden, Evgenij Agrest.

Simply because the GM time after time, very clever, leaves them without pawn lever options in their encounters.

"Pawn lever" is the name that Axel Smith uses for "pawn breaks" in opening/middlegame/endgame (Note : pawn breaks is meant here, and not endgame pawn break throughs)

In this new blog serie I will try to give examples from my own games, to show elements of the book, that I am trying to apply.

Here's the first example. A fresh game in which pawn structure was important as well as the immobility of doubled pawns. I made a few mistakes (when checking with Stockfish chess engine after the game) but I was very pleased with targeting the opponent's pawn structure, looking at the possible pawn levers, and as well using all of my pieces.

See here a game between Agrest and Smith, which is used in the book :


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