Smoke around the King

Apr 22, 2016, 12:12 AM |

Attacking the king is one of the most fun parts of chess for most chess players, except for those who to prefer to spend hours to win one pawn and then grind down the opponent in several more hours Smile

Here's the famous Tarrasch versus the famous Nimzovich in an exciting king hunt where the white king ends up at the 7th rank :

And a win by Nimzovich with his Nimzovich Sicilian line (a line which could be seen in Carlsen-Grandelius this week as well) :

Here an astonishing game which almost seemed to have been composed :

Nice amazing work by GM Bareev :

Kotov's immortal, which already amazed me when I was a teenager :
And here my game of today, which ... inspired me to write this blog posting :


A king hunt game collection :

Kotov's immortal (with user comments) :