The Pin, The King, The Queen & Her Lover.

The Pin, The King, The Queen & Her Lover.

Jan 30, 2015, 3:34 PM |

Often beginning chess players are busy with trying to capture the opponent queen, sometimes even more busy with that than with the opponent king.

There's not much wrong with that, unless one is chasing the opponent queen and helping to improve the position of the opponent.

Therefore I recommend to ask yourself every time, when you're about to chase the opponent queen, or any other opponent piece :

  • Is this improving my position or not ?
  • Is there a better move ?
  • Is there a good plan involved with attacking this piece ?
  • What is the follow up for me in this plan ?

In this game it was obvious that my opponent was trying to win my queen.

But I'm flexible. My queen is allowed to go out with strange men in dark alleys.

Meanwhile my King will stay in the Zen Room Smile

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