Simul vs a Titled player (no cost to you)

Jul 12, 2015, 5:15 PM |


This is an opportunity to play against a great player. This player is an IM or International Master. You, the player, only need to show up. That's it. Also please let me know if you can play by  messaging.

 IT is a MUST to join the group (The Simul Group)



Sunday 19th July 1:00 pm EST.  


Dear members,

Please join this group so you can participate in Simuls that I create especially against IM Turzo!!

Time control is 60-60 Unrated 

Where: Live Chess

Show up 30 minutes PRIOR to the start of the simul so we can get everything organized and it'll start without issues. 

The colors will be alternate. I will put on the spreadsheet as to who gets white and who gets black shortly.

Name of the Titled Simul Giver is IM Attila Turzo.

His website is and he has coaching services. 

Make sure you all friend me for those who are listed on the list. Make sure you are 100% ABLE to play. 

20 total spots!