To be A Woman

Oct 18, 2011, 10:37 AM |

To be a woman is a privilege. Let us not misuse this privilege. To be a woman is also to have certain rights more than our male counterparts. For me there is only two more rights than the normal citizens rights applicable to everyone. The right to be loved and the right not to be abused, which include the right not to be raped.
But let us ponder on the positive, the privileges of being a woman.Girls grow to womanhood by learning they pulse with the cycles of life. They learn to flow gracefully into the stream of their world, even as they learn to make and guide their own rudder.
Women wrap their arms around life, around their loved ones, around their homes. They bring life into the world and know that they have Mama Bear spirit within, will do whatever it takes to protect their young.
Over time they learn that being Mama Bear doesnt mean self conscious alarm over every step, but is a rambling journey of exploration, fully grounded, finding and giving nourishment, teaching our young how to grow strong and self sufficient. Women nuzzle. Women roar.Women swaddle babies and guide children, even if they have none of their own.
Women know loss. Women cradle death as well as life, holding dead spirits, dead bodies and missing limbs.
We know that to rebirth a soul means to just be nearby sometimes. Silently we care for physical space to show love that reaches into dark souls, and sometimes breathes life back.

Woman knows that life is short, and hard times seem to last forever. And all is well, eventually. To be a woman is a privilege. Dont abuse this privilege. It is a gift of God only to woman.Kiss

   Adinda Putrirenata