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Jul 12, 2008, 8:50 AM 0
And so I'd like to share that I have finally won my first game against my computer! *crowd cheering* Yes it may have been on the very first level of difficulty, but hey, I'm a beginner. Wink This is the same level I've been playing on since I've gotten it and I finally won. After studying chess more in depth and learning a couple of strategies....and checkmates, I got a chance to apply them. I won by a 2 rook checkmate! Whoo hoo. I can alot of the time make it to chasing your king around the board (if I play really carefully and don't make any foolish mistakes). However, how to accomplish a checkmate was always a problem. Well I learned how to utilize my rooks and beat the computer! Whoo hoo!!!! Following my first victory was my second victory the very next day and it was accomplished by a rook and queen checkmate utilized the same way two rooks are. I'm so excited about this. The second victory was on level setting 2!!!! Whoo hoo!!! Ok ok....I'll calm down now....now I strive to accomplish my first victory against a human opponent! Foot in mouth

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