pawn promotion in the first six moves of the game

Jan 28, 2011, 6:46 AM |

Okay, before I get to my main post I sometimes wish that in chess you could unlock achievements, like in many video games. You know, mate someone with two bishops or with a bishop and a knight or defeat an opponnet who's rating is 300 points greater than you. Things like that.

Anyway, this one would definitely be an achievement. One that is difficult to obtain: I promoted a pawn in the first six moves of the game.


Well that's what most people in my chess club said too. Let's go through the moves shall we.

In reviewing this it could be said that white made a string of blunders that allowed me this promotion. Perhaps. A comment I heard from a member of my chess club told that I should play with better players. However, the person who played white was rated at the same level as I was at approx 1500.
Regardless, I felt I should share the opening of this game. As it is not likely that I will promote a pawn this quickly again.
p.s. if you've had quick pawn promotions such as this please don't hessitate to share them.